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Updated: Apr 20, 2020

There is so much information out on social media than ever before and how do you discern who to believe and trust? Everyone has an idea, opinion and statement. Why do we have such a need to look outside of ourselves to find out how we feel, what we need to believe, think or feel? The media has been programming us since we were born. We watch TV (tell-a-vision) and choose which "channels" we want to watch. When we watch a "program" on TV, the power of the message is bigger than you think. When we watch TV, our brain goes into theta brain wave activity. Theta is our gateway to learning, memory, and intuition. We access this state of mind usually while we are sleeping, in meditation, driving a car and watching TV. The messages from "the program" in which commercials or the media wants to impress upon you, become repetitious and can eventually become a belief. Becoming aware, or living consciously allows you to recognize the signals,symbols and red flags that may be currently hidden between all the messaging we hear, read and see throughout the day. QHHT allow you to see your life in a different light or perspective. These sessions are about healing, compassion and love. Taking your power back and truly living in alignment of the light that you are meant to shine is discovering the purpose of who you are.

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