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SOULutions Life Coaching

We all have questions about what it is to become AWAKE or living a spiritual lifestyle.  It seems that it is the trend to be spiritual.  But what does that mean for YOU?  There are different meanings for different people.  Everyone has a purpose that is individual to them AND is part of the collective.  What does it exactly mean to BE ONE with the UNIVERSE?  
I will guide you through an experience of true self discovery.  To fall back in love with yourself and Align to the better version of you will be life changing.   So let's  dismantle old habits and create a healthy lifestyle that serves you.


To Begin Again

Aura Consultations

See your true colors

Ignite Your True Potential

You Have the Power

3 Day Retreat at Dream Lake


3 Day RETREAT  at Dream Lake

This is a 3 day Retreat at your own private cottage on a beautiful lake on the shoreline in Madison CT called  Dream Lake.    Your 3 days involves Sacred Sound meditations with Alchemy Crystal Bowls, Quantum Healing Hypnosis, Spa Treatments, Egyptian Facial, Massage & Energy Chakra Balancing, Aura Readings and Mystery Teachings.  Breakfast and snacks included.  This retreat is meant to rejuvenate your energy frequency to ignite the passion you need to propel you to fulfilling your hearts desires.  It is a full 3 days of self-work and inflection.  You need to bring a journal and yoga mat.  There is a kitchen in the cottage if you want to prepare food.

cost includes accommodations

to make reservation:
call 203.815.5598

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