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Quantum Healing & Wellness

 Unlock the power within you to recreate your life and manifest your dreams. Believe in yourself and know you have the strength to heal your mind and body. Embrace the possibilities and take charge of your life today.


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What is Quantum Healing?

Quantum Healing is a path to self-discovery by tapping into the depths of your subconscious. Quantum Healing will assist you to understand the true authentic power of your sovereignty.

I am your spiritual guide and am excited to assist you in your own true transformation into personal freedom and open your mind to the limitless spectrum of universal consciousness.  

What is your perspective on health and healing?  Do you give your power away to others and search for answers outside of yourself?  Quantum Healing is the alchemy of science and spirituality combined.  Are you ready to commit to a better life?  Once you commit to discovering and honoring YOU, new opportunities and healing emerge. 



Integrated Sound Therapy Massage

I felt both energized and relaxed after an amazing Crystal Bowls massage from Nancy. Starting out, the sound of the bowls was immediately soothing and calming, allowing me to be more present. Throughout the treatment, the combination of massage and sounds worked well to complement one another with the sound making the actual massage even better. By the end, I felt lighter and as if all the cells in my body had been refreshed. I've received many massages and this one was different and special - truly rejuvenating and relaxing! Can't wait for the next one.

Christina, Guilford, CT



Buddha Statue


Stone Balancing


Nancy Murphy
Sarasota, FL
Guilford, CT

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