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I felt both energized and relaxed after an amazing Crystal Bowls massage from Nancy. Starting out, the sound of the bowls was immediately soothing and calming, allowing me to be more present. Throughout the treatment, the combination of massage and sounds worked well to complement one another with the sound making the actual massage even better. By the end, I felt lighter and as if all the cells in my body had been refreshed. I've received many massages and this one was different and special - truly rejuvenating and relaxing! Can't wait for the next one.

Christina, Guilford, CT

"Although I intuitively knew I was guided, I was lost and Nancy gave me what I needed most at that vulnerable point in my life. Even weeks after my session, I continued to receive very strong intuitive hits and the changes I have seen in myself and my life is the proof I need that my QHHT session truly connected me to something greater. I know I am being divinely led to my true path in life. I promise you that you can trust Nancy with your journey. She’s been through it herself and walks the talk."

Neena, Researcher, Canada

To be honest, I was very skeptical that Sound Healing would have any effect on me whatsoever.  Then Nancy began her magick.  My body, mind, and ultimately my soul reacted almost reflexively when the tones surrounded me.  I was surprised how quickly - almost instantly - my body became soothed by the mellifluous tones Nancy created with her bowls.  Later she added other sound elements augmenting the peaceful, pleasant, and connected place she took me to. I sensed myself coming back into alignment.  Her magick caused me to relax completely and become truly present, experiencing the power of NOW in a state of mindfulness I’d been unable to achieve on my own.  Massages are wonderful, and speaking to a therapist or good listener can be helpful (both are things Nancy does exceptionally well also).  But what one gets from Sound Healing, and especially from a professional like Nancy, is a uniquely enriching, and rejuvenating experience and I highly recommend it.   

A. Fitzgerald Sarasota, FL

From the start, the sounds of the bowls were enchanting. Soothing. The rhythm and ambience of the bowls relaxed me into my body and elevated me to a place where I could effortlessly be comfortable and at peace with my body and mind. It was as if I was dreaming outside of a dream. Time floated by and it seemed so did I.


I awoke from this waking nap extraordinarily relaxed and very much awake, energized. It was truly an unexpected experience in that I did not know what to expect, and I am grateful for the magic that I was able to enjoy.


John W. Frisco, CO

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