"I came to Nancy about a year after I experienced two traumatic events and I did not know how and if I would ever recover. For about a 2-year period, I could hardly sleep, I felt suicidal, I gained weight, I didn’t trust anyone, I felt I had to keep my shame a secret, and felt my world and any sense of safety and security I had prior to the incidents had been completely ripped away from me. I tried many conventional and unconventional modalities, and while they gave me peace while I was attending my appointments, it only lasted as long as my car ride home. In short, I was a total nervous wreck with no sign of peace and resolution in sight. And then I was introduced to Nancy! And she has been an absolute blessing. I felt comfortable with her right from the beginning. She was very compassionate as she listened to my story and allowed me the space to pour out every emotion I felt. She worked with me to identify the root cause of the mess I was in. She helped me re-write my scary experiences into an empowering story that made me the woman I am today. The hypnosis part was beyond magical and I felt protected and taken care of in life. Although I intuitively knew I was guided, I was lost and Nancy gave me what I needed most at that vulnerable point in my life. Even weeks after my session, I continued to receive very strong intuitive hits and the changes I have seen in myself and my life is the proof I need that my QHHT session truly connected me to something greater. I know I am being divinely led to my true path in life. I promise you that you can trust Nancy with your journey. She’s been through it herself and walks the talk."

Neena, Researcher

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